Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Welcome to Brown and Thin!

Well hello everybody! It is a bright and early morning. I am so excited to premiere my new and amazing Blog!

          So here's the deal. The most important thing you need to know (ever in the world) is that I am Brown and thin. NEVER forget that! Good, now that we have that covered, I will explain a little bit about what my blog and its future content will be. I will be telling stories about my adventures and observations of people who are often less thin than I. I will be talking about my Brown perspectives in places that feel dominated by one particular race. I am half Black (therefore Brown) however I never had any Black friends or family members to associate with until in my twenties. I wouldn't say that I'm on a quest to be Black but I am completely fascinated in what it means to be Black; especially in America. I will be talking about feelings of displacement and amazement, always with a comedic twist! The topics of my rants will include but not be limited to: du-rags, golden teeth, Ru Paul, koolaid, cars that bounce up and down, shiny watches, hats worn only in church, Dark and Lovely shampoo, corn bread, and Kevin Federline.

          Although I have an interest in Blackness, I will also be talking about things that interest me: gender politics, how incredibly thin I am, Grey Goose, underpants, Lucky Charms, and vaginas. Like any blogger, I'm basically freestyling it but please prepare to laugh and to be entertained. I highly suggest that before reading this blog that you have two vodka based beverages (preferably Goose or Belvedere). Well, that's it. All my bases are covered. Welcome to the adventures of me: Brown and Thin! Cheers!

DISCLAIMER: You should not subscribe to this blog if you are any of the following:
1. Easily offended by jokes that pertain to skin color being compared to paint chips at Rona.
2. You are pregnant and not sure what race the baby will be because you slept with an entire football team.
3. Not intoxicated.
4. Believe that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior instead of something more realistic like the Michelin Man.
5. Limit your sexual escapades to only one position.
6. Have never seen a Black person before (ie. Sarah Palin......Obama doesn't count, he's a Halfer like me)
7. A White Supremacist (or Half-White Supremacist)
8. You think that WAL-MART is a legitimate place to purchase clothing for you and your children.
9. A Korean hip-hop artist with music videos on YouTube.
10. My mother.

*If any of those applies to you I recommend that you forego this Blog and instead opt to watch Sailor Moon.


  1. Love it thus far cant wait to keep reading

  2. LOVE it! I will be a regular visitor! As you know, I'm a "halfer" too (not to be confused with a "hefer") Half Jewess Goddess / Half Sicilian earth mother.

  3. Actually, Sailors Uranus and Neptune were a couple, which wouldn't go down too well with those who regard Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. That got edited out in the AmericaniZed version. ;)

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!! You took my advice kiddo.. this is going to be great... remember to post everyday no mater how small... get int the habit... next thing you know you'll have thousands of followers!

  5. So Funny! Can't wait to read more.