Monday, November 15, 2010

My Black Vagina

            If I had a vagina its name would be Susan. Susan is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue easily; just like my vagina. My vagina wouldn't have a last name just like Cher or Madonna. My vagina would definitely be Black. And not like Halle Berry Black; I mean Nelson Mandela Black! My vagina would be so Black it wouldn't be allowed to open a checking account. My vagina would be so Black that it wouldn't leave tips at restaurants. My vagina would have no hair on the sides; only hair on the top. The hair would sit just north of my vagina in a circle shape. My vagina hair would look like your Dad's face when he hasn't shaved for 5 days; or Santa Claus. The afro on my vagina would be so big I could keep all of my secrets in it; and maybe a few dollar bills too. My vagina would speak English, German, Pig Latin, Japanese, and Hebrew. It would also know sign language. My vagina would have an amazing singing voice; probably a soprano. My vagina would be left-handed. My vagina would be soft and shiny; also amazingly musical! My vagina would have charisma and it would smell like a mountain breeze. My vagina would be more amazing than any other vagina you have seen. My vagina could make a sex tape with itself. If you had my vagina you could stand over a mirror with legs apart and you would look down at the reflection and say to yourself, "Wow! Now that's potential!"

                                                            We all can dream.....

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